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01.19.03 : guiftp 0.1

- Released it because it was waiting on my hard drive for a too long time It should be a bugfix release.
- Choose between ascii or binary downloads.
- Passive or normal connections
- Many bugfixes

11.15.99 : guiftp 0.0.2 is out

- You can change a few things in the option menu:
* show/hide the toolbar
* show the buttons of the toolbar with text, pictures or both
* show/hide the hidden files
* sort (or not) the directories first
* change the timeout for reading/writing to network
- added timeout for reading/writing to network
- now when a server says you were idle for a too long time, the connection is closed
- added some pixmaps for the toolbar buttons
- you can quit guiftp when it's working (it will ask if you really want to do so)
- added a Makefile if somebody gets some trouble with the configure script (read INSTALL)
- removed some warnings while compiling

10.6.99 : I know that guiftp works on debian (i386), redhat (i386). I know that it compiles well on redhat (alpha) but I had no way to display it because of a firewall. And I got problems to compile it on SUSE (both i386 and alpha). If you want to play with alpha machines go to

9.23.99 : A big step for me, I started to change the look (if there was one before ;) of the webpages.

9.19.99 : First release.

My Homepage (in french)